Thorzt Hydrating Drinks

Thorzt Hydrating Drinks

THORZT hydrates the body in a fast efficient way to maintain peak performance at all times. Thorzt comes in 5 different flavours: Orange, Lemon / Lime, Tropical, Wild Berry and Blue Lemonade.

Thorzt is Low in sugar, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Proprietary Electrolyte Formula , Essential Amino Acids ad Immediate Hydration.

Thorzt also comes in Sugar free.

Available Sizes are:

Solo Shot, (pack 10) makes 800ml

Multi Shot (pack 30) makes 4L

Maxi Shot (pack 10) makes 12L

Shot Load (Concentrate Syrup) (1 bottle) makes 20L

Ready To Drink bottles 750ml

Also available Thorzt drink containers in variable sizes.

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